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Introduction to yogadance


the yoga of Dance

Shakti Dance® ~ “The Yoga of Dance” combines movement, breath and sound with awareness. 

It attunes you to harmonic resonance through graceful, rhythmic, organic flow.

Charged with radiant vibrancy, you are liberated into awakened presence. 

To creatively express your essence and opening up to fulfil your soul potential for the harmony of the Whole. 

Nurturing the dance

How to be mindful 

emotionally, physically and spiritually.

By using simple techniques to activate, energise and sprout- our food quality increase. By introducing a new version of nutrition our bodies become more energised- vessels that brings an augmented state of body soul contentment. 

Weekly cooking session and live session to ask questions -

interact with me directly.


the 7 days introduction program to assist in resetting the pattern of our relation to eating behaviour and food preparation.

Ceremonies and dance

Monthly occurence:

Sound journeys

Cacao ceremonies

New moon 

Full moon

Unique astral events

to connect

Tack för ditt meddelande!

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