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Well traveled 

Olivia Livan. 

Sharing my time between Amorgos, Sweden and France with my beloved family. 

On this page you will find some of the activities related to the yogadance and the retreats in Amorgos. 

Would you need more advice 


Practicing yoga since 24 years. Qualified teacher of ashtanga yoga, certified teacher of ShaktiDance, applied neuroscience teacher and certified holistic nutritionist. Speaker on conferences on subjects of wellbeing, individual freedom and childbirth. I am grateful to be guiding you to feel the art, the dance the life within You- your movements- your stillness-  to give you and your surroundings an heightened state of being in your everyday life, an everyday of wellbeing.

Previously I was enacting my purpose in a corporate international environment as a maritime lawyer with travels and activities worldwide. While traveling I would richly deep dive in the various spiritual and physical practices within the various parts of the world, each diverse aspect of philosophy and the local cultures. 


Eventually my souls voice became strong enough so I could hear it. Thereafter my dedication to my passions in nurturing, optimizing soul body expression and connection through dance came forth.  With bodywork we activate the memory of our body, the individual and unique expression that each and very one carries in our DNA to live a life in joy and truth with ourselves (and naturally with the rest of the world too!)


With a return to the art of making bread with a new meaning- nurturing the new light codes to shine! 

Since my childhood I found a personal purpose and satisfaction of simply and richly preparing, sprouting and making bread. Do see the bread articles on the blog ,) 

I love to share my gifts and experiences on this journey with you. The purpose of is to raise awareness of our activities in life so that we can live in joyful health, harmony with ourselves and therefore also with others. Should you feel a resonance, curiosity or smile while reading this I welcome you to continue to read and perhaps we meet one day in the island or on mainland!


See contact page for further information or to connect. If you have any questions I shall be delighted to answer. 

Love is the water of life, nurturing heart and soul.

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Drink. 

Bread is what you share in this existence. 

Rose, I will sooth you and heal you. I will bring you roses.

I too was once covered with thorns.

Beloved Jalaluddin Rumi

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